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        Backpack customization how to ensure on-time delivery?

        Backpack customization how to ensure on-time delivery?

        The first thing to talk about is the allocation of personnel. Everything is done by people. Why can’t it be done as expected? The problem must also lie in people. The company must have professional personnel in each position, such as buying The procurement of materials, the staff responsible for technical management and the merchandising staff are all essential, that is, we often say that one radish has one pit, and one person must not have a lot of things, so that it is easy for many people to have trouble. Lazy situation The second thing to talk about is the problem of front-line employees. A regular factory must have a majority of employees who are full-time and stable. If the employees are unstable, it is easy to have product quality problems. It is definitely easy to change people in a process. Errors, stable employees are the guarantee of product quality.

        The last thing I want to say is that senior managers must have a sense of responsibility, especially the boss must have the concept of product quality and delivery. They must not leave production and let the following management operations, which can easily make employees have the wrong concept. , The boss of the backpack manufacturer doesn't care, why should we be so serious.

        1. For example, you can observe the shape of some bags. Before customizing, you can look at the shape of the finished bags of the women's bag customization manufacturers. A high-quality lady's bag will be full and stylish when it is empty, compared with poor quality. Women's bags are more three-dimensional, and the bags designed and produced by professional women's bag manufacturers can clearly feel the three-dimensional effect of bags!

        2. The second is the lining of women's bags: the material of the bag directly determines the quality of the bag, so you need to pay attention to the lining of women's bags. In general, the lining of a good bag looks relatively firm, and it feels delicate and thick to the touch, and the junction between the lining and the bag is relatively docile and smooth. Some bad fabrics are used in the places found, which will not only affect the quality of the bag, but even some fabrics will be harmful to the human body!

        3. There is also hardware: hardware is also one of the issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing women’s bags. Generally, good quality bags are like musical instrument bags. The surface gloss of hardware is thicker and brighter, and there is no burr, and it is relatively smooth to use. , Lubricate, just imagine, if you use hardware accessories that are easy to rust, the bag will rust soon or there will be problems when it rains, which is a very embarrassing thing!

        4. The last one is also a taboo, that is the smell! If you feel that the bag has a pungent smell, then this bag is almost certainly of inferior quality, because good bags are generally tasteless or have a faint fragrance. If it is an unpleasant smell of harmful substances, it will affect the respiratory tract. , Long-term use will also affect human health!

        First, the production quantity. The first thing you should consider is how much quantity you need to customize. This condition is very important. The quantity condition of backpack customization manufacturers can directly affect the price and production standards. If the customized quantity cannot meet the manufacturer's minimum order quantity, it is recommended that you can find some finished backpacks on Taobao, but this is often unrealistic, and it is difficult to find a suitable backpack that can meet your needs. If the quantity can meet the custom order, then what style you need next is what style. If the number of customizations is large, the customer needs to communicate with the manufacturer in detail about every detail, and ask the manufacturer to quote the price according to strict standards, and then arrange the next step.

        Second, the backpack customization standard, the accuracy of this condition can ensure the accuracy of the price in the process of your backpack customization inquiry. Such as backpack material, backpack size, production process, backpack accessories material, backpack net weight, logo printing, other requirements for finished products, inner packaging, outer packaging, box regulations, implementation standards, etc.

        Third, backpack proofing, this part can be said to be an essential step in backpack customization. Our factory can make suitable samples for you whether it is based on physical samples or backpack design drawings. The most accurate cost will come out.

        Fourth, backpack production. Only at this stage can backpack customization enter the formal production process. This process is very concerned about the production period for the customer. As a manufacturer, there is nothing else to say is to strive for on-time delivery, on time. Handing over a satisfied backpack is the greatest responsibility to the customer.

        Dongguan mingpin Travel Goods Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a well-known enterprise integrating equipment design, research and development, production and export trade. It has more than 11,000 square meters of modern production plants and more than 260 professional employees. Can provide all customers with the best products and services. http://www.513yjg.com/

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