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        Backpack custom quotation process and custom requirements

        Backpack custom quotation process and custom requirements

        The first is to find materials. You must first know what materials are used for this bag. Many materials with similar surfaces have more than double the actual price. This requires the backpack manufacturer to take the backpack to find the material, and ask at each stall. The material of the fabric, which takes half a day, will not elaborate on some commonly used fasteners and the like, and experienced purchasers can see that they are inseparable at a glance. Then is to calculate the wages. This is the work of the production supervisor. As a person who has been staying in the production line, he clearly knows how much each process of the backpack is customized, and then slowly calculates the process one by one. The parking space fee of the backpack, plus the cost of opening the backpack and the cost of packaging, the labor cost of the entire backpack is obtained, and then the factory manager calculates the site fee and management fee based on the number of backpacks and the degree of difficulty.
        Finally, add all the costs to get the unit price of the product. Therefore, in the case of customizing the quotation for the backpack, the customer should not directly ask the manufacturer to look at the picture for quotation. If you look away, you will lose everything.
        1. Fabric selection. The feel of the canvas bag is delicate, and because it is a burlap fabric, the texture is also very important. A good canvas bag has a clear texture and feels even and delicate to the touch, while a poor quality one will have a hard or even hard fabric; the canvas bag is measured in amps, the smaller the number of amps, the lighter the weight and the smoother the surface. The finer the texture. If it is a corporate promotion, you can choose an ordinary 16-an canvas bag, which can still have a publicity effect on the company in terms of cost and quality.
        2, style selection. Canvas bags can be used as canvas backpacks, canvas messenger bags and canvas cosmetic bags, and the canvas bags selected by corporate groups in the face of different groups of people will also be different. For promotional gifts, canvas cosmetic bags and canvas messenger bags are generally chosen, which are in line with the cost control of promotional gifts and the general consumer group musical instrument bag manufacturers. However, because of their practicality and beauty, canvas backpacks are generally used by employees and customers. It prints the corporate brand logo to promote the corporate brand image.
        3. Supplier selection. In the luggage industry, canvas bag suppliers are divided into gift companies and manufacturers, and choosing a canvas bag manufacturer is a direct and effective method. If you choose a canvas bag manufacturer, you can directly skip the gift company and get the low price of canvas bags. If you think the gift plan is troublesome, you can choose a professional gift bag manufacturer—luggage.
        1. Load test. The ability of a bag to bear a certain weight without breaking is a must. The good news is that it's easy to use for load testing and doesn't require special equipment, which is also as simple as a bag-standard test. Load testing is the handling of packages, typically a solid package, usually manufactured to carry more than a large load for grading label printing.
        2. Impact test. Bags often need to withstand sudden forces in use. For example, if an employee of Dongguan Famous Bags Factory lifts a brick, he must make sure that the handle is suddenly pulled without breaking. Thinking of this, the impact test is an important test, and inspectors tend to strictly perform it.
        3. Fatigue test. A handle is very important to a bag, part of its purpose is to hold its contents during shipping, and to pass a fatigue test is to check the durability of the bag's fasteners.
        4. Abuse testing. Abuse tests are mainly for straps and shoulder bags, such as laptop storage. This test tensile strength, the amount of direct force the belt buckle can withstand when pulled, is especially important in the case of abusive test bags and laptops with a single belt because weight is not distributed over two belts.
        5. Drop test. Some of the tests on bags are used to simulate the brutal loading and unloading of the travel experienced, luggage is often carried back and forth between airports and hotels, its product drop test is an important test to ensure that your luggage is not damaged or in transit of damage.

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